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Task 6 – 262

Proposal for TV show

Our TV show is going to be called manipulation as It will involve tricking people in to losing rounds in the game.

The one liner for the show: 4 contestants, one saboteur. 2 goals. Let’s play Manipulation.

The hook of our TV show is the saboteur who will be picked at the start of each round and will spend the whole round trying to sabotage the round so they fail (like the show “trapped”, at the end of the round the players will vote in a come dine with me type of way for who the saboteur was for that round.

The presenter is mostly just there to talk to the contestants before each round and tell them what to do, the presenter will also be the voice over for during the rounds.

The set is going to have a very metallic look to it to make it seem as if the are in some kind of warehouse or laboratory to make it have that kind of sci – fi look behind it.

The thing that make this show stand out to other shows is the saboteur, the voting and some of the challenge we are going to do.

The audience will be able to text in who they want the saboteur to be for each round at the start of the show.

The reason the show should air now is that it is a more adult version of the kids show “Trapped” which a lot of people loved even adults, so a show that is similar alot of people would want to watch.


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